WHY Ireland

Ireland has world beating growth rates due to its optimum climate, nutrient rich soils and reliable rainfall, which provides some of the highest growth rates in the world.

The growth rate of trees is the greatest influence on the rate of return from a forestry investment. Ireland’s optimum growing conditions also provide a long growing season, which gives Ireland growth rates way in excess of most countries.

Add to this Government backed grants, rigorous forestry regulation, low risk location, tax efficiency, transparent property laws, thriving timber processing industry and easy route to market ensures our investor’s that Ireland is the best country in the world to invest in commercial Forestry.

World beating growth rates

To predict the site productivity of unplanted land is extremely important for appraising a forestry Investment.
The method used to accurately predict the Growth Rate of trees is called the Yield Class – YC. The YC model is comprised of decades of research and fieldwork studies from credible sources to give a growth model that can
accurately predict the Growth Rate of trees.

The growth rate of trees determines the timber yield and in many cases the rotation length of Investment Horizon.

  • The YC is measured by Cubic Metres of timber growth per Hectare per Year.
  • The YC can be used to compare different sites in different locations both in Ireland and internationally.
  • Ireland has a world beating Yield Class.


Ireland has world beating growth rates.
Growth rates determine timber yield.
Site productivity extremely important for appraising forestry investment.
Yield class measures timber growth per hectare per year.